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Mavericks Builders gives life to custom and sustainable homes and commercial projects.

We incorporate up to date green building and fire resistant practices into each unique venture which result in the most energy efficient, safest and the highest quality projects.

Our innovative custom building practices fuse modern design with eco-friendly materials, processes and systems.

The results are remarkable and will enhance the quality of your life.


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Who We Are


Who we are
Robin Nielsen

Meet our founder and CEO Robin Nielsen, an accomplished contractor with extensive experience in luxury home development and construction.


Robin has worked for over two decades providing residents of San Francisco and the Greater Bay Area with impeccably built homes and commercial venues.

Driven by passion for our earth, commitment to a sustainable future and the love of creating buildings that are like no other, Robin founded Mavericks.

Modern House with a Pool

Who We Are

As responsible builders, our responsibility lies not only in the quality of our work but to the impact our work has on the environment and the safety of its occupants.  We understand and utilize construction products and practices that resist fire, conserve resources, reduce waste and create a healthier environment in which we live.  

Mavericks Builders provides full service construction .  We are a solid team of building professionals  that pride ourselves on bringing projects in on budget and on time.   We are carpenters, project managers, superintendents, subcontractors and more that believe hard work, communication and collaboration are key to our success.


 We never stop learning which allows us to inform our clients how we can incorporate up to date sustainable living methodology and green building practices into each unique project.


Let us show you what we can do for you and make your dream a reality.

What we've Built
third floor from tv


Media & Awards


Mavericks Builder and our CEO Robin Nielsen has been featured in countless magazines, books, tv shows and the recipients of many awards. These publications and awards are not only for the beautiful homes and projects we build but for being a pioneer in the green building industry and revolutionizing the way we build.  Check out a few of our many accomplishments below:

Haute Living


Leaders and Legends 

Chosen as a leader in the

Building Field


Haute Living
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